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House cleaning for the new year - Michael Campanella Photography

House cleaning for the new year

In the past week I’ve put a lot of work into doing some much needed house cleaning and maintenance on the blog. As well as a little bit of a restyling.

Published on CNN

Looks like my pictures from Eurovision found their way to being published on CNN.

New Year, New Website

It’s a new year and that means a lot of exciting new possibilities await. To ring in the new year it felt like it was time to give the old website a bit of a facelift.

Musikhjälpen 2013

Pic-Agency is participating in Musikhjälpen this year. Musikhälpen is an annual charity event where radio personalities are auctioning off items in order to raise money for various causes.

The FIFA Weekly

My picture of Cristiano Ronaldo from the Sweden-Portugal match picked up by FIFA as the cover of their The FIFA Weekly publication.

Now with bigger images

Now with bigger images

I’ve done some house keeping and changed the layout of the site. In this post I detail the some of changes and the decision process that went into the design.

Canon EOS-1D-X

My Canon EOS-1D X finally arrives

Today I received my Canon EOS-1D X. I made my pre-order way back in November last year when Canon first announced the camera and have been waiting patiently ever since.

Tomorrow night, I go ringside!

Since I started doing sports photography I’ve kept a check off list of events and things I want to photograph.


Excuse the lack of updates

It’s been a long time since I’ve written and posted anything here. Fortunately it’s because I’ve been keeping very busy with work.

Now shooting for Pic-Agency

I’m very pleased to say that I am going to be shooting sports pictures for Pic-Agency starting with the start of the Allsvenskan season in April.

New gallery system

New sports images added to Portfolio

Just finished adding a bunch of new Hockey images to the Sports section of my Portfolio.

New gallery system

New picture gallery system

I put in a ton of work over the past week and got the entire system behind how the pictures on this website are stored completely redesigned and rebuilt.