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Migrating Aperture to a clean install of Mountain Lion

Migrating Aperture to a clean install of Mountain Lion

This week Apple released their new version of OS-X also known as Mountain Lion. If you are a geek like me then not only are you considering upgrading to it, but you also wouldn’t mind doing a clean install of the operating system.

Use camera generated previews in Aperture 3.3

Use camera previews in Aperture 3.3

With Aperture 3.3 you can save time on import by using camera generated previews with RAW images.

Canon Custom Functions

My Canon 1D Mark IV custom functions for sports photography

I’ve had my Canon 1D Mark IV for about a year now and really enjoy using it. Here is a look at my custom functions for sports photography.

Canon Custom Functions

Canon 1D Mark IV – Basic Custom Functions

Some videos detailing basic custom functions of the Canon 1D Mark IV camera.

Hold shift while adjusting in Aperture 3

A quick tip for those of you that like to edit in Aperture 3 using full-screen mode.

How to clean a camera lens

How to clean a camera lens

If you’ve ever wondered how to clean your camera lens, the Nikon Help Hotline posted a detailed video on YouTube showing the process.

Aperture, Swedish characters, & the web

Aperture, Swedish characters, & the web

Unfortunately I’ve found a bug, or problem, with the way Apple’s Aperture handles Swedish characters (ö, ä, and å) that might force me to start using another application.

Keep your manuals with you

Store equipment manuals in iBooks

Here’s a simple tip for you, use iBooks to store your equipment manuals. Save space in your camera bag and always keep them with you.

Teeth & Eye Whitening in Aperture 3

Nate Smith shares a good tutorial on how you can whiten teeth and eyes in Aperture 3.

Good photography links

Some interesting photography links from the past week. Articles on watermarking in Aperture, handling image selection, and a little Photoshop tip to round it all off.

Metadata & multiple images in Aperture 3

Examining how you can add captions to multiple images in Aperture, while taking a look at how Aperture 3 handles metadata entry in general.

Referenced or Managed files in Aperture

Referenced or Managed files in Aperture

A look at the difference between referenced or managed files, plus a tip to never lose any photos in Aperture.