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Free Prijović

Posted in Photo Journal on August 5th, 2014

I photograph all of Djurgårdens home matches at Tele2 Arena and I can’t remember the last time I saw Aleksandar Prijović start a game. Which is pretty strange because I really think he is the best attacking player in the troop. A friend attributed it to the success of Erton Fejzullahu and Amadou Jawo’s partnership early on in the season. However Erton is now gone and last night the coach partnered Jawo with a midfielder, Hellquist, as a make-shift attacker. This is playing at home by the way … just a reminder.

Most blame has been thrown on the player. They say he hasn’t been training well. That he wants to leave. Plus comments from his agent such as saying he would never wear a Djurgården shirt again have not endeared him to fans. Still though, I can’t help but feel for his situation. On the pecking order of starters he’s behind players that have no place playing ahead of him. Sitting on the bench on a team that is not going to risk wining anything this season doesn’t seem like an exciting time.


Last night’s match against Helsingborg was a bit of a vindication for Prijović. Djurgården took an early lead but failed to extend it and saw the visitors tie it up before the half. Then in the second half found themselves going under and desperately chasing a goal in order to secure a draw. They came close to equalizing through Sebastian Andersson who was alone on goal but hit the woodwork.

In a moment of desperation Prijović was brought on at around the 84th minute to a lot of boos from the supporters. He came on and did what strikers do … put the ball in the back of the net. Perhaps a bit of luck? Sure, changes at 84th minute rarely yield anything … normally it’s too little to late. But seeing him on the pitch and I wonder who in their right mind would not play him. He’s a striker through and through. You could never confuse him for anything else. He’s not the type of player you test on the wing or the midfield. He comes on and is always looking to split the defense and always looking to move in on goal. Pretty useful qualities considering how often you see Djurgården take themselves to the opposing box and not knowing where to go then turn around and pass the ball back.

Hopefully last night mends some wounds between player and club. Next week is the derby and I for one would like to see both teams field their best starting eleven.