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Favorite shots from last weeks derby

Some of my favorite shots from this past week’s hockey derby between AIK and Djurgården.

In anticipation of tomorrow's derby

In anticipation of tomorrow’s hockey derby

Looking forward to tomorrows Hockey derby, here are some pictures from the previous one.

Referenced or Managed files in Aperture

Referenced or Managed files in Aperture

A look at the difference between referenced or managed files, plus a tip to never lose any photos in Aperture.

My Zenza Bronica camera

My Zenza Bronica camera

Take a look at my beautiful Zenza Bronica camera that I got from my grandmother over Christmas.

My Aperture 3 keyword workflow

My Aperture 3 keyword workflow

A detailed look at the process I use in order to keyword my sports photography images in Apple’s Aperture 3 photo management software.

New gallery system

New picture gallery system

I put in a ton of work over the past week and got the entire system behind how the pictures on this website are stored completely redesigned and rebuilt.

Djurgården - Timrå

Freeze the puck

Lately I’m been trying to shot less and shoot better when working at sporting events. Here’s some cool pictures where the puck got frozen in time.

AIK crush Timrå

AIK 3 -Timrå IK 1

Photographed this weekends Hockey match between AIK and Timrå.

Hockey Press Pit

Inside the Hockey photo pit

I had the opportunity to go and photograph a professional Hockey match last evening. I had never photographed Hockey before, and to be honest I don’t think I had even seen an entire Hockey match before, but I jumped at the chance to go.

Crane with two Dino lights

Quick pic I snapped with my phone from a job I was on this week.

Pane & Salame

Pane & Salame

Vacum sealed and mailed to me from the motherland. Maybe I can start a new import export business.



Globen sitting in the distance looking like a great big golf ball that crash landed on Earth.