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JPEGMini Review

The JPEGmini review

You can never have enough image compression apps. I recently started using JPEGmini when I wanted to compress old images on this blog and am really happy with the results.


A month with MarsEdit

For the past month I have been testing MarsEdit which is a desktop blog editing application for the Mac. What do I think? Give you a hint I really like it.

Forecast: A free Mac tool for making better Podcasts

Forecast: A free Mac tool for making better Podcasts

Take a look at Forecast, a new Mac app available for free which encodes uncompressed audio files into compressed MP3 files for use in your podcast feed.

Digital Color Meter in MacOS - Michael Campanella Photography

Digital Color Meter in MacOS

MacOS still turns up some surprises. The Digital Color Meter app hidden in the Utilities folder is a great tool to select a color range.

Faster Time Machine backups

Faster Time Machine backups 

A quick MacOS tip that will allow you to speed Time Machine up and give it more resources to complete your backups faster.

Use plain text as default in TextEdit

A quick tip for how you can change the default in TextEdit from RTF to plain text. Useful if you edit Code Replacement files in TextEdit.