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Djurgården's home premiere goes awry

Home premiere goes awry

Some pictures taken from the Allsvenskan match between Djurgården IF and Malmö FF.

My 2011 Allsvenskan season begins

My 2011 Allsvenskan season begins

Last night was the first match of the 2011 Allsvenskan season for the two principal Stockholm teams Djurgården and AIK.

Aperture, Swedish characters, & the web

Aperture, Swedish characters, & the web

Unfortunately I’ve found a bug, or problem, with the way Apple’s Aperture handles Swedish characters (ö, ä, and å) that might force me to start using another application.

Keep your manuals with you

Store equipment manuals in iBooks

Here’s a simple tip for you, use iBooks to store your equipment manuals. Save space in your camera bag and always keep them with you.

Headshots on my new Canon 1D

A friend of mine was looking to get some pictures that he might be able to use on his CV, having just bought a new Canon 1D Mark IV for the coming football season I was dying to put it to use.

Now shooting for Pic-Agency

I’m very pleased to say that I am going to be shooting sports pictures for Pic-Agency starting with the start of the Allsvenskan season in April.

Teeth & Eye Whitening in Aperture 3

Nate Smith shares a good tutorial on how you can whiten teeth and eyes in Aperture 3.

New gallery system

New sports images added to Portfolio

Just finished adding a bunch of new Hockey images to the Sports section of my Portfolio.

Good photography links

Some interesting photography links from the past week. Articles on watermarking in Aperture, handling image selection, and a little Photoshop tip to round it all off.

Metadata & multiple images in Aperture 3

Examining how you can add captions to multiple images in Aperture, while taking a look at how Aperture 3 handles metadata entry in general.

Favorite shots from last weeks derby

Some of my favorite shots from this past week’s hockey derby between AIK and Djurgården.

In anticipation of tomorrow's derby

In anticipation of tomorrow’s hockey derby

Looking forward to tomorrows Hockey derby, here are some pictures from the previous one.