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Godox Propac PB960 - Michael Campanella Photography

Godox Propac PB960

I decided to pick up the Godox Propac PB960. The PB960 is an external battery pack that can power two Speedlite flashes and improve their performance. Here what I think about it.


A month with MarsEdit

For the past month I have been testing MarsEdit which is a desktop blog editing application for the Mac. What do I think? Give you a hint I really like it.

2017 Year In Review - Michael Campanella Photography

2017 Year In Review

Look back on 2017 in what is becoming a traditional Year In Review. 2017 brought at a lot of changes in my personal life and at the same time a lot of entertaining assignments.

WordPress Plugins - Michael Campanella Photography

WordPress Plugins 2017

Last week I did a post looking at the apps I am using for work. So this week we can look at WordPress plugins I am using on this website as of the end of 2017.

State of the Apps 2017

State of the Apps 2017

Thought it be fun to do a blog post and look at all the apps and software I am currently using for my work. The 2017 State of the Apps address.

Apple iMac Pro

Reviews of the iMac Pro go online

Hold on tight to your wallets because reviews of Apple’s new iMac Pro are going live on the internet and they are going to tempt the hell out of you.

Forecast: A free Mac tool for making better Podcasts

Forecast: A free Mac tool for making better Podcasts

Take a look at Forecast, a new Mac app available for free which encodes uncompressed audio files into compressed MP3 files for use in your podcast feed.

Watermarks easily removed by Google AI

Watermarks easily removed by Google AI

Earlier this week Google made a blog post where they demonstrated an AI that can analyze and easily remove watermarks from photos. Here’s my thoughts on it.

Project Nimbus accidentally leaked - Michael Campanella Photography

Project Nimbus accidentally leaked

Adobe’s cloud based Lightroom replacement currently called Project Nimbus leaked to a small portion of Creative Cloud users.

Professional Mac users breathe a sigh of relief

Professional Mac users breathe a sigh of relief

Earlier this week a handful of journalists were invited to Apple’s campus in Cupertino, California for a roundtable discussion on the MacPro.

Profoto D1 Studio Kit

Profoto D1 Studio Kit

Finally pulled trigger picked up the Profoto D1 Studio Kit. 3 heads, 3 stands, 2 soft boxes, 1 grid, plus a rolling travel case.

ImageOptim integrates Guetzli

Beta of ImageOptim integrates Guetzli encoder

My go to app ImageOptim has integrated Google’s Guetzli JPEG encoder into it’s latest beta and the results are unbelievable.