Football & The Fall - 1 of 4

I put another football match under my belt (or my camera’s belt) this weekend. For the first time I felt the pain of not having super fast glass and a high end camera. The match started at 16:30 and it was a dull grey day, that looked like it could turn to rain at any minute. I noticed right away that I wasn’t able to get the type of shutter speed I’d like to have, however I made it through the first half without problems.

Football & The Fall - 2 of 4

It was in the second half that I really started to feel the pain. The light was going fast and I found myself making the shutter speed dangerously slow in order to maintain an even exposure. Ok no problem, I’ll just pump up the ISO speed to compensate. Make the jump from 400 to 500, times passes and I jump to 640, and then 800. Shit starting to panic … jump to 1600 for the final quarter of the match.

Football & The Fall - 3 of 4

Guess trying to tackle a basketball game is out of the question until I purchase that Canon 70-200mm f2.8 I’ve been lusting over for the last year and a half. Luckily enough I thought the noise at such high ISO handled much better with all the lighter colors in the frame, concert pictures would have likely looked like crap.

Football & The Fall - 4 of 4