Morning Swim

Snapped it with my iPhone while going for a run this morning. Converted to black & white with Camera+ and eventually dumped on Instagram where it got the square crop treatment.

This picture got me thinking on something. Earlier this week I attended a course offered by Canon Sweden to owners of their new flagship camera the EOS-1D X. During the afternoon the Canon rep could help but take some digs at Instagram and the whole mobile photography scene.

At the end of the day I really don’t know that I agree with him. Sure I could never do with my iPhone what I can do with my EOS-1D X, but the iPhone is always with me and always ready for a quick snapshot. Take a picture, edit it for a minute, and toss it online. By the time you get home people are already responding to it. It’s added a social dimension to photography that just can’t be replicated with other cameras. You wouldn’t use it to shoot a football game or a wedding, but it’s the best everyday camera on the market.