Quick Tip: Primary Only in Aperture

Just wanted to share a quick Aperture tip about the “Primary Only” option in the Edit menu. The other day I was working and sorting through pictures. I had selected multiple images and I wanted to give them all one star ratings. After selecting all of the images I hit “1” on my keyboard but noticed only the final image received a star. Something was wrong because that’s not the behavior I’m used too.

It took me a little longer than I’d like to admit but I eventually figured out that I had accidentally activated “Primary Only” which is selectable in the “Edit” menu. “Primary Only” changes the behavior or when you select multiple items. With “Primary Only” activated any action like rating or deleting will only be applied to the final or primary image. Without “Primary Only” activated than any action is blanketed to all images. Which allows you to erase multiple items at once or give multiple ratings.

Simple and straightforward, but worth understanding and remembering.