Profoto D1 Studio Kit

I’ve been planning on buying some studio flashes for a few years now. Well I finally pulled trigger picked up the Profoto D1 Studio Kit. I had decided a long time ago that I wanted to go with Profoto flashes. I’ve worked with them on studio assignments and you can beat the quality of Profoto equipment, and that goes for both build quality and the quality of light.

Profoto had a lot of options available but I chose to go with the D1 kit even though they are older models and newer D2 flashes are available. The newer D2 flashes offer TTL shooting and high speed sync. The high speed sync is something I would have loved to have, but the TTL shooting I figured that I could live without.

Ultimately the D1 studio kit offered the most bang for my buck. 3 studio flashes, two of them at 500w and one of them at 1000w. 3 light stands. Two soft boxes. Two speedrings, and one grid. All of that in one package. It’s a good kit that can get you set up to a variety of assignments where you might need studio flashes.

While I was at it I also picked up a beauty dish, the Softlight Kit as Profoto calls it, and an AirRemote.

Here’s a picture of the world’s cutest kid shot with the beauty dish.

Profoto D1 Studio Kit