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Feb 2
Links #5 - Michael Campanella Photography

Links #5

Back with some links from the fifth week of 2019. Shrinking camera markets, Netflix films shot on iPhones, the Polar Vortex, and more.

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Sep 30
Thoughts on the iPhone 7 camera - Michael Campanella Photography
Other Thoughts

My thoughts on the iPhone 7 Plus camera

The nerd in me is really intrigued by the camera on the new iPhone 7 Plus. The coupling of two cameras with software can lead to some real magic.

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Mar 30
Keep your manuals with you
Tips & Tricks

Store equipment manuals in iBooks

Here’s a simple tip for you, use iBooks to store your equipment manuals. Save space in your camera bag and always keep them with you.

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Sep 14
Learn lighting with Strobox - Michael Campanella Photography
Tips & Tricks

Learn lighting with Strobox

Review of Strobox, part website & part iPhone app. The iPhone app let’s you make lighting diagrams. The website let’s you share pictures and their accompanying lighting diagrams.

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